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Otherwise called “combination” or “one-piece pajamas”, some of you already know its usefulness and others are still wondering themselves about it. The romper is a one piece clothing that aims to cover the entire body, in other words, it is a combination. First used as a pajama, it is nowadays also used in the medical world for practical and hygienic purposes.

For whom and for what?

Indeed, some people face a problem of control and retention of urine or feces also called incontinence. While other people are suffering from a disease like Alzheimer’s, dependents, agitated, disabled or disoriented. Wearing on incontinence diapers would be the first thing you can think of. But they have to be changed frequently and people often tend to remove them, mostly during the night. This is where the romper for elderly becomes very useful.

It’s characteristics ?

Ensuring hygiene and safety, people can not, by its design, reach or remove their clothing and incontinence diapers. The zipper is generally located at the back or navel and allows the nurse to have easier access to the pants instead of having to undress the patient completely. So on, it saves time and allows a lower energy expenditure. The other advantage is that this closure is inaccessible and thus prevents the person removes his own clothes. It is also possible to leave the beneficiary several hours without risking of making him uncomfortable. It is, therefore, the best way to ensure hygiene, facilitate the daily toilet and preserve the dignity of the person.

What are the advantages of the Mode Ezé Plus “romper for elderly”?

The goal is still to be comfortable. To do this, we must mainly take into account the fabric used and the finishes that are made. We are very careful about it at Mode Ezé Plus. Indeed, our combinations are made in such a way that the person feels as comfortable as possible. Made of polyester and cotton, these materials have been duly chosen by our team to let the skin breathe and be easy washing. We have also taken care to reinforce all seams and also apply an extra cotton fabric on different seams such as the armhole, the middle and front back to prevent the person from torn the romper. As for sliders and clasps, we took care to hide them with strips of fabric too, so that the person could not find them. You can find different models on our website, short or long combinations, responding to the changing seasons. The color being a plus and also important, so we offer a range of unisex colors (yellow, blue, white, etc.). Do not hesitate to ask us all your questions on our social networks, Facebook and Instagram. We will be glad to answer you Wishing you a beautiful day !!

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