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The ÉZÉ + Advantage

The ÉZÉ + Advantage

What sets our brand apart:

  • Adaptive garments that no one can tell you’re wearing because they look like regular clothes
  • Totally new styles that have been designed with fashion trends in mind
  • Attention to detail, styled for the next generation and what they expect from their clothing
  • Adaptive clothing that meets the needs of people with limited mobility or reduced autonomy, that we design with the greatest of care
  • A complete range of adaptive garments for him and for her
  • A special collection for children
  • High-quality construction, research and development in clothing safety, and selection of the best materials all contribute to making superior quality garments.
  • The softness and comfort of a cozy garment that is easy to put on
  • Carefully-chosen fabrics that are sturdy and easy to care for, most of which are machine-washable (use cold water).

Our philosophy:

  • Make dressing easier for people with reduced autonomy or manual dexterity.
  • Preserve people’s self-respect and dignity, avoid pain, and improve quality of life for those who wear our adaptive garments.
  • High-quality, personalised service delivered with attention.

Mode Ézé Plus’s vision for designing adaptive garments:

  • We want our people to be happy and feel proud of themselves, no matter their age, disability, or daily challenges.
  • We are convinced that being well-dressed contributes to a person’s wellbeing and self esteem.
  • We firmly believe that getting dressed pain-free starts a person’s day right, and makes the rest of the day that much more pleasant.

Because every body should feel attractive and comfortable in their own skin at every stage of life.