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Our clothes are designed with the purpose to offer the possibility to individuals who do not possess the motor or cognitive skills to dress themselves. Our fashion allows them to be dressed in a suitable way and to maintain their dignity. Indeed, certain health conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Parkinson’s, Spinal lesions, may require great effort, even assistance in carrying out certain daily tasks which become a real challenge with fine motor skills and coordination. Attaching a button, raising arms, balancing, donning shoes or trousers are some examples of tasks that can cause people to have to resort to clothing solutions adapted to their conditions, or to seek assistance to get dressed hence avoiding frustrations, pain and stress.

Mode Eze Plus mission and strategy was born from a wish to offer an alternative to the hospital nightgowns, which cover the body poorly, and takes dignity away. These nightgowns only have one advantage to safeguard against the risk of falling, injury or pain due to exertion and to be quickly covered in a seated position.  Mode Ézé Plus combines these safeguards with an adapted fashionable garment that remains discreet and values self-image and self-esteem.

What does the fashion aspect bring to our elders?

The fashion aspect gives a boost to social integration and at the same time improves men and women’s outlook on their self-image and body appearance.  Fashion is more than appearance, it also shows our true side, who we really are and our personality.  Furthermore, it is a way of communicating without words – our identity, the way we exist socially and reflects our social environment.  Additionally, it enhances our self-appeal which results in bringing joy and pride. Fashion is not for us simply a superficial idea. We believe it has a beneficial impact on individuals in giving the capacity to see beyond one’s physical condition or illness.

Feeling good about oneself and showing our true image, isn’t this a small step forward to regain one’s pride and motivation? A daily dose of fashion will lift anyone’s spirits!

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