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Mode Ezé Plus is, above all, an adaptive clothing and accessories brand designed mainly for women and men, but we also design some items for our “little ones”. Indeed, we offer a line for children with a disability or loss of temporary or permanent mobility. The goal is to improve the quality of life, facilitate the daily life and the dressing of the child, but also of the caregivers.

Thus, we offer a range of clever clothing and accessories that gear the needs of the everyday life. They are easy to put on and quick to don on thanks to theirs adapted snaps closures.

The comfort of our clothes is also very important to us, hence, the fabrics have been duly chosen by our team. Please, find below our line for children and the description of these adapted clothes and accessories especially made for them.

Children’s adapted clothing: Winter adaptive cape

Our waterproof adapted cape is the ideal solution as a windbreaker and when it rains. Made of softshell with a polar fleece lining, it ensures comfort. Easy to put on, it well covers the legs of children in a wheelchair. Due to its design and thanks to its shorter back, it does not clutter the wheels. It has a detachable hood, a large front pocket, large sleeves with banded cuffs and a zipper at the front.


Children adapted Winter Cap 



Children’s adapted clothing: Adaptive juimpsuit

Our juimpsuit for children can be chosen short or long, depending on the needs of each and depending on the season. They are made of knitwear and are unisex. Avoiding access to the underwear or panties, they are very practical and effective. They can be worn as pajamas, but also as a daywear. Its large zippers at the back and at the crotch facilitate access to the panties, thus facilitating the dressing done without pain. Snaps at the ends of the juimpsuit allow to close it well at the neck and at the bottom of the legs thus preventing undressing. About the seams, they are reinforced and the zippers have an additional protection especially made for the institutional washing.





Children’s adapted clothing: Adaptive shoe covers

Our shoes covers are perfect in the case of bad weather and protect from the cold, the rain, the snow. Their advantage is that they are waterproof, lined with polar fleece and have non-slip soles. They can be worn over shoes, slippers, boots or plaster(s). They are very practical and can be extended in the front with the help of a velcro fastener.





Children’s adapted clothing: Adaptive cover

Our adaptive and protective cover is waterproof and lined with polar fleece. It perfectly protects the legs and feet by covering them entirely. Its design prevents the person from having to put on shoes or boots. The elastic waist can be adjusted thanks to a velcro strap. Open-bottom, it avoids needing to lift the person and makes it easier for the caregivers. She can be wash and dry in the machine.


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