Who are we?

The company

We design, manufacture and market fashionable adaptive clothing in Canada, with the goal of improving the quality of life of people with loss of autonomy. We know how difficult it can be for them. We also want to ease the interventions of family and health care workers who take care of these individuals.

Our clothes are imagined and designed to significantly reduce the effort of caregivers and medical staff who must dress a person. An opening system at the back of the garments ensures that they can be put on without pain, stress and discomfort.

Our garments are designed specifically for people who have motor skill problems, disabilities, paralysis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease or any other condition that requires assistance during dressing.

Our products

For us, style and originality are as important as comfort. The adaptive clothing we offer is stylish, fashionable, yet practical and comfortable. In addition, they are made with high quality fabrics, easy to maintain. Our clothes are also resistant to high pressure washing.

Our Team

Mode Ézé Plus is a family business. The satisfaction and well-being of our customers are at the heart of our concerns. Respect, well-being, quality, originality and innovation are the main values that guide our projects and actions. We work every day with the desire to make people’s lives better.

Our History

Help others. Allow people with loss of autonomy to preserve their dignity. This is what motivated the creation of this company in 1986. We wanted to offer people with loss of autonomy the possibility of wearing anything other than hospital jackets. We believe that a sense of pride and well-being is fundamental to a person’s ability to overcome challenges. Our motivation and good intentions are still alive. Still today, day in and day out, we are committed to providing quality apparel and accessories, all made in Canada.

Sometimes we have the chance to see customers looking at themselves for the first time in a mirror wearing a Mode Ezé Plus garment. Seeing their faces brighten with happiness is the best reward for us and gives us the motivation to continue and go further.

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